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"Believe in nothing; entertain the possibility of everything."
~ Fran Duda

  "Fran Duda elegantly guides us through a journey to freedom by connecting the intuitive with quantum science, giving us an understanding of the spiritual domain and our role in it."
~ Deepak Chopra

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Long Time  no See by Carrie Triffet  


By Carrie Triffet

A rip-snorting spiritual memoir that describes several InnerVision journeys the author experienced with Fran in Sedona.

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Innervision12 offers spiritual tours that immerse you in the true soul and spirit of Sedona. The red rocks of Sedona are World renowned
as powerful energy sites which are locally referred to as "vortexes". This vortex energy allows for intuitive journeys of great healing power,
helping you reconnect with more peace and joy in your life.

© Fran Duda

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